Client Case Study – LED Wall Rentals

About three months ago we were approached by a company that offered Jumbotron rentals to events. If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, fair, festival or any other large event, there is a good chance that you’ve seen what these guys have to offer. There service is very popular with events that need everyone to be able to see what’s going on in the front. So even the back row seats get a taste of the action!

This company operates nationwide, and they wanted to be in every city—and we helped them do it! They help out event planners with their need for a big screen, no matter where the event might take them. A big screen is nice when you don’t have front row seats. If you’ve ever been to a concert, sporting event or music festival and had to sit in the very back you can understand! It sucks. Plus, sponsors love these things because you have what all sponsors dream of: a captive audience! No, they aren’t going anywhere. They just sit back and watch your advertisements.

Giant LED Screen

Giant LED Screen

It’s no wonder these things have gotten so popular. Where else can you say that you really get a captive audience that you can advertise to? What about the radio? Switch the channel! What about TV? Ever heard of a DVR? The truth is, captive audiences aren’t seen much these days, and that’s probably why the switch to mobile is finally here; what I mean by that is, more people are searching on their mobile phones than they are on their personal computers! Isn’t that crazy? Who ever thought that would happen? Okay, I guess that’s an easy one. I did.

So it’s easy to see why the advertising space on one of these large Jumbotron LED screens is so sought after. Where else do you get such a captive audience? The easy answer…. tada! You DON’T!

And that is one thing we have learned about our new client and why they are looking for event planners who want LED wall rentals nationwide. They aren’t getting any less popular as time goes on, and we will probably see a shift in the next five to ten years to where you’ll see digital screens every where. You heard it hear folks, mark my words by 2025 we will all be seeing outdoor digital displays all around. It used to be billboards that were the new thing, but unfortunately with billboards you cannot have dynamic content and you cannot change the advertisement whenever you want, sometimes even remotely!

It could very well get to the point where one day as you’re driving by a digital billboard it will scan your license plate, find out who you are, then advertise to you individually! Imagine that! It’s hard to envision but it is happening, and sooner or later we will be there. Websites are already doing it, and with outdoor LED screens becoming cheaper and cheaper, you will start seeing these things everywhere.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Visual Impact Productions, for giving me an education on these LED boards, what they are, and where they’re going. I just hope they enjoyed their website!

Until next time, folks!