Helping a Nationwide Tent Rental Business with their Website

Recently, we were approached by a company that rents assorted items for corporate events, weddings and parties. The company, Find Me A Tent, was looking to improve its web presence, and was also trying to decide on the best designs for a site that is in the industry they’re in. Let me tell you this, it wasn’t easy, but at the end of the day I believe we did a good job.

The first thing to try and understand was who they were trying to appeal to. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the main people that search for these accessories are people that are about to host a large party, such as a wedding, graduation, or bar Mitzvah. Many times I was told the people searching aren’t even exactly sure what it is they want, however they’re just doing general searches.

When I asked about their most popular rentals, the owner told me it was their wedding tent rental. However. they also rent lots of other things such as tables, chairs, place mats, silverware—you name it, and they probably do it. After further talks, it was discovered that most of their business was weddings, which proved to be a stunning revelation to the owner. I asked him if he wanted us to create something that focused on a wedding theme, and after thinking about it he decided that might not be the best route to go, as he didn’t want other sorts of potential business to shy away from his service, just because it looked like all he did were weddings. I suggested that he might want to possibly do another site, just focused on wedding rentals, as oftentimes visitors prefer to deal with someone who specializes in a niche, most likely because they assume that pricing or service will be better.

One other issue that came up was location; he wasn’t sure whether or not to build separate websites for separate locations. When asked what his most popular places and rentals were, he informed me that his Philadelphia tent rentals and Pittsburgh tent rentals had really been picking up as of late, as his new locations had really been taking off. When asked why he thought this was, he mentioned that he’d garnered a fair deal of attention from the media as of late, due to his rapid expansion in the industry. I recommended that he just stay with one website, as it might lead to confusion down the line as to what company the client was working with; a very important consideration when it comes to branding.

We’re proud to announce that we have another satisfied client. Things have really been picking up for them lately, and I am told it is due to their online presence. Should any of the above interest your business, please feel free to drop us a line as we would love to offer some insights into your online business. Also, for any other tips regarding multiple business locations, check out this article or this YouTube video: